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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cannon fodder (n) - military soldiers who run the risk of being wounded or killed in warfare.

This noun seemed appropriate for the title of my blog because, as a self-published author,  there are many days I feel my dreams are on the verge of being killed, if not merely wounded.  Listen, I don't want your pity or want to sound depressing, but any artist will tell you, they wish they were further.

Having an author's dream is like stepping off that Greyhound bus in Hollywood, filled with  the talent and enthusiasm, thinking that you're the next "big thing".  We all feel our novels are going to be the J. K. Rowling's breakthrough.  Realistically, we are just hoping that someone likes the words we write.  Even when we tell family friends about our new chapters, or new inspirations, or what our writer's group is discussing, we just know in the back of their minds they're thinking, "Yeah, right, Sylvia. Bless your heart.  Hope you grow out of it soon." 

Writing...or story telling as I like to define my putting the characters that are shouting in your head every day out for public viewing;  Running the risk of scrutiny, critiques, rudeness, and downright meanness.  But every so often, we are rewarded with kindness, praise, helpfulness, and reader's joy.

I don't mind being cannon fodder for writing.  It's the risk a writer has to take.

I'm just sayin"....


  1. And here I thought Canon Fodder would have to do with canons and the different stuff you could fire out of them.

    1. Just so everyone friend Krissy Jefferson is not blood related to me but she nags me like a sister. She is also responsible for the great avatar on my blog. To add to her talents, she is an author with two books on Amazon under her pen name Elle Jefferson. Look for "After Death It Begins" and "In Death's Touch".

  2. Isn't this the awesomest blog ever? I love it, Sylvia, especially the quilt motif. Krissy captured your essence with that avatar for sure! (Yay, Krissy.) Don't worry, we will never encourage you to grow out of anything--except maybe your pants when we urge you to partake of large amounts of chocolate. The older I get, the more I think certain family members are meant to be ignored. Bless their hearts.

  3. Love, love, love the title and avatar!!!

    There's no growing out of the author dream. To even try is to kill a piece of yourself. So yes, bless their hearts.

  4. Awesome site, Sylvia! The first entry made me laugh...hope you grow out of it? No way :)