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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Assumption (n) - a fact or statement taken for granted.

Today I was driving to an appointment an hour away from my place, and turned on the radio for company.  Normally, I'd tune to the satellite radio channel but since I was not on the freeway yet, I listened to the local station.  A song from the 70's came on, and the chorus had the guy singing, "Give it to me. Give it to me, baby". I was singing along and turned the channel after it was over.  For the next half hour I contemplated what "it" meant.  What did he want his baby to give him? I 'assumed' that "it" was sex since he had mentioned he got home the night before and his lady friend didn't make love to him.  But was I just making an assumption that was what he was talking about the next day?

When we hear sexually charged songs and the actual word 'sex' isn't actually mention, we just assume, with the rest of the song's content, that the "it" is sex.  But what if, in the song I was listening to (and we know it was the next day he was singing to his lady friend), the 'baby' was making breakfast and he was in a hurry that morning...the "Give it to me, baby", could have been the breakfast.  Or later that evening, she had fried some nice hot, crispy chicken, and they were talking and he said, "Give it to me, baby."  It could have been about the chicken, wouldn't you say?  I know I will always ask for fried chicken if I see it, and besides it was the next day, folks.  He could have been asking, "Give it to me" over anything.  And what self-respecting woman would just comply with, "Give it to me," when the dude has none nothing to get "it" (if we're talking about sex)?   I write romance in my novels.  None of my heroines would even think of giving "it" without the guy working for it.  Just begging, "Give it to me", would not fly.  Let's just not assume the "it" in the songs/novels is all about sex.  Think before you make any assumptions.  Substitute 'fried chicken' for "it", and see if that works too.  The song writer could have had something else in mind.

But again, what do I know...I haven't been laid in a long time.  Tomorrow a guy could wink at me and I would be thinking he wanted "it".  He could just have dust in his eye.

I'm just sayin'....

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  1. So, you mean in that Robin Thicke song, he's really talking about a crispy kreme donut? This changes everything. I really DO want it in that case. He knows me so well (probably because his dad was on Growing Pains.) I'm taking your theory and running with it, Syl.